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CAUSS - Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam

These are articles, news stories, and letters to the editor about street spam, CAUSS - Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam, and related issues. They are in reverse chronological order. The most recent articles are listed first.

Many of these articles are dated, and are kept here for historical purposes. Also see the CAUSS forum, where more current articles are posted.

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KHOU Ch11 News Houston, 9/18/03 *
Some Mayoral canadidates perform high-wire act

The Dallas Morning News, 4/2/03 (Archived - fee required)
Roadside warriors work to clear cities of banned signs

Washington Post, 2/27/03
New Law Will Help County Crack Down on Illegal Signs


Austin-American Statesman, 11/15/2002 **
Judge says sign law doesn't curb rights

News8 Austin, 11/8/2002
Travis County Republicans say sign ordinance unconstitutional

News8 Austin, 10/11/2002
Planned city Sign Off cancelled

The Denver Post, 10/1/2002 **
Streetside spam fight gets ugly

Austin-American Statesman, 8/16/2002**
Illegal signs? City's rangers ride to rescue

Rocky Mountain News, 8/5/2002 (Removed from Archives)
Illegal signs are not lost CAUSS

The Denver Post, 6/10/2002 **
Street placards lose weight fast when anti-spammer goes to work

The Sacramento Bee (California), 4/28/2002
Movement growing to fight 'street spam'

The Aurora Sentinel (Colorado), 4/22/2002
Sign activist says he has recipe for cooking spam

TheKCRAChannel (Sacramento, CA), 4/17/2002
City Cracks Down On 'Street Spam'

Las Vegas Weekly, 4/2/2002
Signs, sealed and destroyed - Arizona man, Texas group declare war on Vegas street spam

Gainsville Sun, 3/31/2002 (archive)
Area officials tackle roadside sign litter

USA Today, 3/17/2002
Don't get scammed

Kansas City KMBC, 3/11/2002
Overland Park Cracks Down On Illegal Signs

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, 2/19/2002
Wondering about those work-at home signs

Utne Web Watch, 2/11/2002 (Article removed from Archives)
Stop Street Spam, Web site review by Kate Garsombke

Westword News (Denver area), 2/7/2002
Signing off - Denver's sharks take a bite out of obnoxious -- and illegal -- marketing signs by The Hartford (CT) Courant, 2/6/2002
Crusader Seeks To Rid His Town Of Street Spam

Mendon (MA) Town Crier, 1/17/2002
Letter to the Editor

Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/13/2002
ROAD WARRIOR: Man on mission to eliminate signs

Austin American Statesman, 1/8/2002 **
Man gets kicks as unofficial Sign Ranger


Austin American-Statesman, 12/30/2001
Letter to the Editor

The News Journal (DE), 8/27/2001


KTRK-TV Houston ABC 13, 11/22/2000

ClickZ Today (internet newsletter) Dana Blankenhorn, 10/3/2000

Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville), 8/16/2000

St. Petersburg Times, 6/11/2000

Massapequa (NY) Post, 5/17/2000

WFAA-TV (text narrative of CAUSS Rally in Dallas), 1/29/2000


Destin (Walton County) Florida, July 1999