CAUSS - Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam

Becoming a member of CAUSS is easy. There are no membership fees or dues, as we are completely self supported. If you share in our dislike for these ugly signs that litter our communities, then join us. We Need All The Help We Can Get! Can you imagine what your neighborhood would look like if every business in every city put signs on utility poles, trees and lawns? Your community would become a flea market if this practice were allowed to continue.

Sign Sharks Needed

Being a sign sharkTM is easy and fun. Whenever you see a sign on the street, while you are commuting to or from work, driving to the store or just cruising around, simply pull off to the side or into a nearby parking lot and yank the sign out of the ground. Often times you will have enough time when stopped for a red light to jump out and quickly pull one. You can put the signs in your car trunk or bed of your truck and take them to the nearest dumpster. Some of our members carry cans of spray paint and just spray the "ghost buster" symbol on the sign and across the perpetrator's phone number, or a pocket knife to cut off the portion of the sign with the phone number, leaving the carcass for other spammers to see what will happen to their signs. You will be amazed at what a good feeling it is, knowing that you have helped to clear your community of trash.

Your Community Will Support You

Street signs with advertisement are prohibited in most cities, but the Code Enforcement people have enough to keep them busy and appreciate the citizens efforts in removing and/or reporting them. Removing street spam is much like picking up roadside trash. In fact, the only difference between a bag of trash thrown on the side of the road and one of these signs is the phone number on it. In fact, most cities define these signs as "abandoned property", which means that it belongs to nobody, and should be disposed of. CAUSS is performing a much needed public service, and we are proud of our accomplishments!